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Dr. Anish Shah, M.D

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Dr. Shah is the President and CEO of Siyan Clinical Research, located in Santa Rosa, CA. Dr. Shah completed his residency at the University of Illinois in Chicago, Illinois. Since his residency, he gained extensive experience as a General Psychiatrist for Lake County Mental Health, Kaiser Permanente, and Sonoma County Mental Health. In addition to direct patient care, Dr. Shah also served as Medical Director of Napa State Hospital before launching his practice in 2012.

As the Medical Director at Napa State Hospital, Dr. Shah led a staff of 220 medical professionals and managed a $4 million medical services budget.

Dr.Anish Shah MD
Additional clinical background includes:

Principal Investigator: A 10-Week, Open-Label, Flexible Dose Adaptive Study Evaluating the Efficacy of Vortioxetine in Subjects with Panic Disorder.

Initiated research study, protocol writing, and submissions conducted Informed Consent Process, Medical History, DSM-IV, MINI, C-SSRS, MOSES, Concomitant Medication, and Adverse Event Assessments. Study drug dispensing, titration, and accountability assessments.

Involved in recruitment activities and provides training support and oversight to other study personnel.

Research Assistant:
Participated in research activity with Dr. David Marazek and Dr. Karen Weihs information such as involvement making lay protocol summary, conduct literature search, website development, videotaping sessions, and other usual and customary tasks of the research assistant. He participated in studies involving drugs such as Paroxetine Divalproex Sodium.

Research Assistant:
Participated in a research study with Philip Janicak as a second year and fourth-year resident on Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation vs. ECT trial. The tasks involved clinical assessment, screening, monitoring, and treatment of study participants, tracking patient participation, and other coordination functions of clinical trials.

Research Assistant:
Worked with Dr. Daniel Liberman in preparation for his research on “Internet Interactive Social Skill Training and Intervention for Alcohol Abuse College Students.” GCP certified.